1 + 1 = 2

This is the Equation of Equality.  It cannot get any more simple than this.

When each 1 is equal and supporting each as 1 self. Then there are now 2.  This is  ‘group equality’.  The more each 1 supports the group the more the group grows as 1. Each one in the group is individual yet equal.

The way the current system works is thus:

Some have money = +1

Some are in debt = -1

According to the current money system, You are only 1 and you only have 1 life. So your value in the system is either +1 or -1 (or Zero if you have no money/no means of making money).

Our reality will be what it could be if there is even on -1 in the equation.

The very best our current system could equal is zero, with everything balancing out.

But at the worst – it can become extremely negative.

Now, ask yourself: If I were to add up all the people in debt or with no money, would this number be bigger or smaller or the same as the number of people with money?

Consider that 1% of the world population owns 1/2 of the wealth.

Imagine 1 person with half a chicken to eat for dinner. Then next to him/her a group of 99 people with the other 1/2 of the chicken to share between them.

Doesn’t seem Equal does it?

Our system is not balanced and will never be balanced.

The only way to build a better reality is through the unification of equals: 1 + 1 = 2


Do the math.

video from Desteni Productions