When I look at the BP Oil spill or Deepwater Horizon, as it is being called, what I see is the manifested consequence of each one of us in this world not taking responsibility for what we are participating within.  There are multitudes on the internet and other media pointing the finger, blaming BP, blaming the government, blaming our energy addiction, etc. But as Zig Ziglar, among others, once said, when you point your finger at someone there are 4 fingers pointing back at you.

No matter what is done, it seems that the problem is too vast to be corrected now, and everyday the problem only gets worse.  More oil spews out of the ocean floor, more animals suffer, mor chemicals mix into our water, and now with the presence of Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico worry is building that the oil and chemicals will be dumped onto the states on the eastern seaboard.

The real point to look at within all of this is that we are facing consequence. Like the drunk driver who runs over and kills the little girl on her bike, nothing can be done now to fix what was done.  No amount of forgiveness will solve the problem and make it go away. Until we learn to take responsibility, each of us equally, and agree to no longer participate in creating consequences for ourselves, then the current oil spill crisis is unfortunately a sign of the times ahead.  It may be some time before we stop once and for all and even longer before we have walked through all of the consequences, but it must be done.  And while, it may be possible to stop the oil leak and prevent it from becoming worse, the real lesson will not be learned until we each stop placing responsibility for our world outside of ourselves.

See, we each within our minds, place the external world as ‘out there’ separate from us. and we resign ourselves to being responsible for very few things in the ‘outside world’. When get jobs to make sure we have money, so that we feel secure inside. We create families and friendships, so that we feel happy and secure inside. We find ways to entertain ourselves so that we feel happy inside. But rarely do we, as humans, put the inner feelings aside and look at the world as whole, as to how it affects not only us and our inner world, but how it affects every person, and animal and particle in existence. And the ironic thing is that by not taking this approach, we never really get to a point of satisfaction within. Because in fact, what we experience inside is affected by our environment, which is precisely why we have jobs and families, because we realize to a certain extent that if we manage our environment effectively we will be ok.  The problem, though, is that the system that we trust to manage the outside world, is no longer working. in fact it has never worked for everyone equally, but now even those with money and jobs and families and entertainment, are no longer able to ignore their responsibility to the outer environment.

The BP oil spill disaster is showing us this quite clearly.  The environment we live in is not under any direction other that what we each are allowing within ourselves. It is in fact a reflection of who we are and what we accept and allow within. And there is no point to pointing the finger and placing responsibility outside of yourself, because that is precisely the cause of our current predicament. Best to stand up, accept responsibility for everything that is occurring and then prove to yourself what you are able to influence and correct. But standing by while the world destroys itself is not an option, because the world is you and you are only watching yourself implode.