Money as it is used Currently, is a tool of Communication. We spend our Money on certain Products and Services and within that Communicate to each other what we Value. Look at how Money is Spent on Food, Cosmetics, Movies, Drugs, Clothing, Shelter, Entertainment, etc. Much of what We are Communicating that we Value is that Which Supports our own Self-Interest, obviously, though there are, of course, certain Basic-Human-Necessities that are required for us to Exist and Function Effectively in the Physical Reality. Within our Current-Money-System though, there is no distinction between what is required by All to Exist and what is desired Individually as “luxuries”. The Same Money System is used for both types of Commodities. And since Money itself is BeLIEved to be Limited and therefore access to it is limited, not everyone is able to Communicate freely and effectively their needs and wants. In effect, Many in this Reality have No Voice.

What is missed by those who would advocate the complete removal of all forms of Money is that we live in a Physical Reality where Resources are required to be moved Physically. Within this consideration, Money-as-a-Communication-Tool is necessary to direct the Movement of Physical Goods such as Food and Resources to create Shelter and other Basic-Human-Necessities.

What is missed by those who challenge the Concept of Equal-Money-for-All, and who would argue that Equal Money would mean Value-less Money, is that the Current Money System was purposely designed to create and support the BeLieF that money is Limited and therefore has Value because of its “inherent” limited Nature. How was this done? Simply by establishing the Physical Communication Methodology, or Currency, deliberately as a “limited resource”. Gold has been used, as well as other relatively rare or difficult to procure metals. As paper began to replace the Gold-Standard the common person hardly noticed the shift and even today the US Federal Reserve prints Money “out of thin air” while Most still BeLieVE that Money is limited-in-nature.

With Current Technology, however, Money is able to be represented as a Number. Using Computers these Numbers are able to be Accounted for in a Banking-System. Within the Priniciple of Equal-Money-for-All, however the Banking-System would not be like those currently existing because it would not be Based on a Priniciple of Interest or Debt. Debt, in itself, is based on the BeLieF that Life has no inherent Value and only exists so that it may be exploited by those who would seek to have all Power and Control for ThemSelves. Within Realizing that Money can be Represented as a Number in a Computer Bank, one may begin to shift their BeLieF that Money is limited and therefore Valuable in-itself to the Common-Sense Realization that the Only Thing Worth Valuing is LIFE itself.

Within establishing a New-Money-System that considers not only what is Best for All but also Considers that which Each Individually requires to Express and Live an Enjoyable Life, we might consider a Dual-System that incorporates Principles of the 2 well-known Economic Theories of Capitalism and Socialism.

A Dual-System would utilize an Equal Money-System as well as an Equal-Labor System.

The Equal-Money System would be designed as a Tool to Communicate where Resources are required to be moved to Support All in having the Basic-Human-Necessities to both Sustain Life in the Physical as well as Function Effectively within the Physical. The Backing of this Currency would be the Life-Force of the Individual born into this Reality within the consideration of Each Life as Equally-Valuable-and-Relevant. The Equal-Money System would also be designed to be Accountable so that NO ABUSE is allowed.

The Equal-Labor System would be designed as a Tool to Communicate where Resources and Goods are required to be moved to Support Each Individual who chooses to Participate in this System within having or creating their Desired “Luxuries”. Luxuries would be considered as Technologies or Goods that enhance the Individual’s Life Experience but are not required for All Equally to Be able to Exist and Function Effectively in the Physical Reality. Here personal choice would be relevant. The Backing of this Currency would be the Self-Prescribed Labor of the Individual. Whereas in the Equal-Money System, all Life is seen as Equally Valuable, in the Equal-Labor System, all labor is Considered as Equally Valuable within a Time-Based Factor. So here, the Value is not placed on the Specific Product Produced or Service Rendered by the Individual, but rather by the Amount of Time spent by the Individual within their Labor. Here, the Maxim “Time is Money” is relevant.

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